Sunday, December 18, 2011

#25 Software Judge

Did you recently buy software or a game, do you hate it, do you love it? Express your opinion at and get paid for your reviews. The name may be misleading because you don't need to be buying the most up to date computer software in order to be eligible to review. You can also review photos, DVD's, and games. Ok anyone can review  something they've tried the big deal with Software Judge is that you get paid up to $50 per review. Some of the software on there only cost $20, give it your top notch review and you could end up getting $50. That's the software plus $30. $50 per review isn't bad, but the serious question was how long reviews have to be. As you can see from the photo below
this is the length of one review.
Not bad, for $50 Software judge is a pretty good deal. It is an excellent way for any computer enthusiast to make fairly easy money online.Software Judge
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