Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#23 Ebay

Everybody know the jist of Ebay. It is a place for you to sell the junk lying around your house. That is true but Ebay can also be a portal for you to start your own internet business. To start your first Ebay business you need to find your niche. It's easier said then done. Developing your niche is very important if you want to make a lot of money online. To find your niche you need to find what your interest is. My interest is making money, so that doesn't help me that much. I have read of numerous niches that people chose.

Books- individually books may not be worth very much. I heard of one story from a woman that bought a couple hundred books at a yard sale for $5. She then sold each book on Ebay for a dollar or two, she made a tremendous profit.

Toys- With the holiday season here I thought I would highlight another niche. Every single year there is a hot toy for sale around the holidays that sells out in stores. People then resort to Ebay to buy these gifts even though they have to pay double the price. This means that if you can predict which toys will be popular, you will be able to double your money.

Antiquities- Anything old someone might think is worthless, but to you, you see an ebay opportunity. Even if something old seems worthless to you put it on Ebay. There is a very large market looking for anything old and possibly valuable to buy.

There are many other niches out there, these are just a few. All you need to do is find the right niche for you and you could start you Ebay career.

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