Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#21 Fiverr

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I recently started using Fiverr as a way to make some extra money. It is truly a unique way t o make money. Simply put a person on Fiverr will pay you $5 to do basically anything. To go into more detail, what exactly happens is that when you arrive at Fiverr you have the option to post a "gig". A gig is a post you make where you state what you will do for $5. If you get lucky someone pay you to do whatever you have posted.  This website just goes to show that people will pay for anything. People have gigs ranging from writing songs to screaming words. Yeah, people will really pay you to do anything. It's not always that easy though, there are some tips and tricks you need to
follow if you want to make any money at all on Fiverr. First of all there are a lot of people using Fiverr, which means there are a lot of gigs, which also means a lot of competition. So try not to post gigs that other people have already posted or your chance of making money will be reduced. Your popularity level will also be valued based on your rating so it is fundamental to success that you have a good rating. So to get a good rating you have to make the customer happy To do this I usually give the customer more than they asked for to ensure that they love the service. The last and one of the most important aspects to success is the picture. The picture that you attach to your gig lends a surprising importance to your success. The first thing that people see when first see your gig is the picture, and people will judge your gig based on the picture. If you don't have a good picture people won't even click on it they'll pass right over it. But a good picture will lure people in to take a look. I'm not saying that you should spend an hour looking for the right picture but if you can get a unique relevant picture that other people aren't using in their gigs that's great. So if you think you can make a couple bucks on Fiverr.

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