Saturday, December 10, 2011

#24 Swag Bucks

Swagbucks is a brilliant way to start earning money and winning some cool prizes by doing stuff you do everyday.. Swag Bucks is definitely worth it, you earn points called "SwagBucks" by...
1. Searching the web
2. Watching Videos
3. Taking trusted surveys
4. Inviting your friends to join
5. Shopping in their mall
6. Completing special offers
7. Voting in polls
8.  Finding SwagCodes
9. Sending in Prize photos and videos
10. Trading in cell phones and video games
Swag Bucks is a fun thing to use when you have time on your hands but you definitely
won't be able to live off of it. One of the highlights of the program is is that you never have to give them you credit card number or Paypal account. Since you earn points instead of money you will never need to give this stuff up.
I recently started using Swagbucks and I found out that the process for making money  is fairly slow. You can get Swagbucks by using the swagbucks search engine, but that will only get you about 10SB per hour. You can watch videos, but you only get 3SB per 10 videos watched. What you can also do is play games to get SB. If there is a specific game on that site that you are really good at Swagbucks may be an opportunity for you.Of course you can also fill out surveys but what really struck as as cool was the sweepstakes. Thinking that there would be a million people entering the sweepstakes I stayed away, but as soon as I got involved I ended up winning a sweepstakes for 100SB. To the seasoned SB user this is not a lot, but if you are just starting out this is a big deal. When you get enough SB you can redeem them for a prize. A lot of the prizes are gift cards but there are a lot of collectibles on there as well. If you want to start earning Swagbucks right now start searching in the SwagBucks box on the top right corner of the home page.

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