Monday, June 13, 2011

#12 Online Games

It is true that you can make money playing online games, if your not a true online gamer or have never even played an online game before, don't use it as a way to make money. This is a very time consuming way to make money online and there is not a good payout. However for most people it is a fun way to make money online. I know of a game called Exodus 3000. Trust me
I played this game, it is extremely boring. But if you join now they will give you 5,000 Mars dollars for free. The only problem is that you need 5,000,000 Mars dollars to get $20. Don't be discouraged though, there are better ways to make money with online games. The most popular way for people to make money is to sell there online game accounts. There are tons of ways to make money online. The weirdest of which I have found would definitely be a prostitute is the game second Life. But hey, at least she gets the money without the diseases.

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