Thursday, June 16, 2011

#16 Beyond Hello

Say hello to Beyond Hello a portal where you can signup to be a mystery shopper. Being a mystery shopper is part online but mostly offline. What you do is signup to be a mystery shopper for a certain company and then you visit that company's store anonymously and then rate them based on their selling skills and customer service. So for each project you tipically get paid $5-$25 but you can also get paid up to $100. As an addition you get free tickets to movies, a day at the spa, and other products free! Just for participating in their mystery shopping program. You may not make a living off of it but mystery shopping has its perks. Customer Experience | Mystery Shopping Company | Beyond Hello

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

#15 Amazon

There are many different ways to make money with Amazon. The first and most obvious way is to open an online store to sell stuff on. You can also publish your Ebook to the Kindle Ebook store. You can also sign up for Amazons affiliate program where you'll earn up to 15% commission on : Make Money with Amazon

#14 Review Stream

Pretty simple concept behind Review Stream. You get paid for writing reviews on your favorite products. You'll get paid about $1.50 for each review you write. After looking at some reviews though, it looks like each review is 2-3 paragraphs long. So if you like writing and would enjoy writing review, I did the math and figured out that you would need to write 14.5 reviews an hour for 10 hours everyday to make an $80,000 income. But unless writing is really your thing you'll probably find it very draining and boring writing reviews all day long. Review Stream

Monday, June 13, 2011

#13 Flippa

Be the Realtor of the internet with Flippa. Flippa is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell websites. This is an easy way to obtain a website without spending months developing a website from scratch. There are some things you need to know some information before you go about spending your birthday money on websites. One of the most important things to know is that

#12 Online Games

It is true that you can make money playing online games, if your not a true online gamer or have never even played an online game before, don't use it as a way to make money. This is a very time consuming way to make money online and there is not a good payout. However for most people it is a fun way to make money online. I know of a game called Exodus 3000. Trust me

#11 Bibliocore Price

You don't have to partner with a book publishing and distribution company anymore to be able to sell your book. Bibliocore makes it possible for any person to publish and sell their Ebook for a flat fee. You write an eBook and Bibliocore will publish it to the Itunes eBookstore for a flat distribution fee. You get to reap in all the profits from your book as well. If you are interested in publishing your book there are some rules you have to follow. Your book has to be in the ePub format and must have an ISBN number. You will also need to provide book cover art for your book. You can also customize the price at which you want to sell your book at. The price varies on thew length and type of your book, so if you want to find out how much it would cost to get you book published go to Bibliocore.

Friday, June 10, 2011

#10 CafePress

Cafe Press is a place where you create your own online store and sell items that have graphics on them that you designed. But what matters is how much it costs. There are two ways you can go about paying for Cafe press. You can choose option A which means you give no upfront costs. Cafe Press will collect 10% of your monthly earnings with a $10 maximum so if you earn $200 Cafe Press will only collect $10. Or you can choose option B which includes a monthly or yearly upfront cost. You can pay $6.95 per month, $18.45 for 3 months, $34.95 for 6 months, or $59.95 for a year. Now if your wondering

Thursday, June 9, 2011

#9 Widget Bucks

Basically Widget Bucks is a more attractive version of Google Adsense. Instead of just word ads Widget Bucks will place a "widget" box on your site. In my opinion these are more attractive then Google Adsense ads. An added bonus is that they have a pretty good payout. You will earn on average $3-$6 CPM. What's even better is that you get $25 automatically when you sign up for Widget Bucks. Is it the best way to make money online, No, but it can make you some nice extra cash. Widget Bucks

Saturday, June 4, 2011

#8 User Testing

User is a very easy way to make some money in a hurry. In fact User Testing preaches that you can make $10 in 20 minutes. They also preach that this is not a get rich quick scheme. None the less it is an easy way to make money. Website owners will pay a lot of money for people to review their website to find out where their site is most confusing. So they need you to review their website. Once reviewed you will earn $10. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on who you are) you do not have to type up a five page essay about the website. Using UserTesting's online screen recorder they will record all

Friday, June 3, 2011

#7 Associated Content

Pretty straight forward website. You write articles and then submit them to Associated content. That's basically it. Associated content will then pay you $3-$20 depending on the popularity of the article. You can write articles about anything, how-to's, stories, anything. Good way to make money if you like writing this is for you. AssociatedContent

Thursday, June 2, 2011

#6 Revver

Making videos to post online is a way for all people to make money online. Revver is a video site that you can make money on when you submit your videos to their website. What happens is that you make a totally awesome video. Then you upload it to Revver. When you upload it you can attach an ad to your video. After you post the video you make 50% of what the ad makes forever. So if you think you have the next viral video upload it to Revver. revver

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#5 99 Logo Designs

If you have a knack for graphic design 99 Logo Designs is your site. 99 Logo Designs is probably best known for being a marketplace to buy and sell logos. what people don't know is that you can also buy and sell stationaries, web page designs, banners, Twitter backgrounds and much more. So if you are still not sure what happens on 99 Logo Designs it is simple. A company wants a logo on their site. They then put the specifications of the logo they want on 99 Designs and offer a monetary award for the best logo. Then you submit your design and the company picks the best logo. Hopefully it's yours. 99 Logo Designs